Welcome to our clinic

We are working to complete the examination of the patient with the latest equipment and with greater accuracy for a more specific diagnosis

Welcome to our clinic

We always choose the latest medical devices in the field of ophthalmology for your convenience.

Welcome to our clinic

We always strive to determine the correct surgical procedure to be used in surgery, to get the best result and with the least effort.

Welcome to our clinic

We are interested in reviewing the necessary patient examinations very carefully and periodically to follow up on the developments of the condition and explain it in a detailed explanation to the patient.

Clinic Overview

Beauty is how you feel inside and it reflects in
your eyes It is not something physical .
Our goal is to take care of your eyes and treat any problem
facing eyes and all measures to correct vision and reach the best vision.

Our Services

All Types Of Lasik
  • Lasik superficial PRK
  • Traditional lasik
  • Femto lasik
  • Femto smile
  • Custom lasik
  • Supracor

Corneal Transplant

A cornea transplant is often used to restore vision in someone with corneal problems A cornea transplant may reduce pain or symptoms associated with corneal disease.

Lenses Implantation

Eye lenses that are implanted are artificial contact lenses and are surgically implanted between the cornea and the iris or directly behind the iris without removing the natural lens. The implanted lenses focus the light correctly on the retina, so you get a clear vision without the need for glasses. Lenses.

Eye Surgery

Eye surgery is a treatment for common vision problems that helps correct refractive errors The most important types of surgery to correct refractive errors :
Lasik Operation, Corneal Refractive Surgery, Radioactive Keratotomy, Astigmatical Keratotomy, Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty, Corneal Transplant Surgery, Thermal Laser Keratoplasty and Conductive Keratoplasty.

Our Clients' Testimonials…

میرررسي جدا جدا يا دكتوور علي العملييه.. انا اصلا كنت فاقده الامل في حوارر اني اقلع النضارره بس حضرتك كنت سبب ف اني اشووف من غيررها حقيقي تسلم ايدد حضررتك

Ebtehal M. El Ashiry

بسم الله ماشاء الله بعد اللف على كثير من الدكاترة والمعاملات معهم لم اجد افضل واحسن من الدكتور محمد ربيع وعن تجربة شخصية معه أوكد أنه من أفضل الدكاترة في مجاله واحسن معاملة من الفريق الطبي حتى بعد العملية في المتابعة زمن العملية 5دقائق مش اكثر وأحدث الاجهزه والحمد لله فرق كبير مابين قبل العملية وبعدها فلكم جزيل الشكر والامتنان

کریم الشال

دكتور محمد ربيع من أمهر الدكاترة بخلاف ذوقه واحترامه قبل ما اعمل العملية كنت خايفه بس الحمد لله بفضله بعد ربنا شوفت نتیجه غير متوقعة بجانب انه خلال العمليه كان بيطمني عشان ماکنش متوترة عمليه التصحيح عمليه سهلة ومابتتعداش العشر دقائق ده غير النتيجة هايله الحمدلله

Karem Ahmed


Spring catarrh :

It is an irritation and redness of the tissues of the eye and occurs as a result of sensitivity to the pollen of flowers and the dust that spreads in the air in the spring and summer seasons. Reasons for it: pollen which abound in the spring. Exposure to chlorine in swimming pools cigarette smoke Some ingredients in cosmetics. Symptoms: - redness of the eye - constant itching - swelling of the eyes - inability to look at light - blurred vision when neglecting

Types of lenses:

Soft: used to correct refractive defects in people with myopia, hypermetropia, aberration and astigmatism. Solid: It is smaller in size and more in rigidity and less in flexibility. And it is used by people who have very high astigmatism in cases of corneal deformities scleral and semi-scleral shape: these lenses are recommended for people who suffer from severe dry eyes because their large size and hardness help to store artificial tears, which maintains the eye's moisture permanently Night lenses: For use at night for myopic people.

Cataract :

It is a disease that transforms the lens of the eye from purity to blur. The components of the eye lens are actually transparent, but if any injury occurs, it reacts and turns white and has several cases : Birth defects since birth , Old age ,Diabetes , Hypertension , Exposure to a powerful trauma , Exposure to a wound to the eye.. its symptoms : blurred vision, even with wearing glasses. Complications Neglecting it may lead to the destruction of the optic nerve. Treatment: It is treated by surgery using sound waves or laser

ICL Permanent Lenses:

It is the implantation of permanent lenses inside the eye without removing the original lenses, and it is a safe way to correct the defects of refractive vision and it is a technique in continuous development and also it is the best way to correct vision if LASIK not indicated due to thin corneal thickness or due to corneal weakness. Its most important advantage is that it does not cause dry eyes like LASIK operations, and the user of these lenses leads a normal life after a few days of implantation. However they are checked annually to ensure their safety

Eye contents :

All parts of the eye are located inside a bony cavity in order to protect it 1- The eyelid: This is responsible by way of covering and opening it to keep the moisture of the eye and its cleanliness 2- Eyelashes: It protects the eye from dust 3- Sclera : a layer of strong tissue that covers the surface of the eyeball 4- The conjunctiva: It is a transparent membrane that covers the outer surface of the eye glob and the inner layer of the eyelids 5- The lacrimal glands: they secrete tears responsible for moisturizing and protecting the eye 6- The cornea: round dome in shape and forming the outer cover of the eye and also focusing the light coming from the outside 7- The iris: It is the dark part of the eye.... in the middle of which is a dark spot, which is the pupil The eye that collects light and introduces it to the eye 8- The lens of the eye: is located directly behind the pupil and it sends light to the back of the eye 9- The conjunctival glands: produce mucus to moisturize the eye

Optic atrophy:

It is the final condition resulting from diseases that damage the ganglion cells of the optic nerve. Symptoms: - poor vision - eye pain and headache - color vision defect. Treatment by treatment of the cause of injury,,, and the main goal of it is to preserve the remaining strength part of the optic nerve


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